Our Services

These days, it seems like everything is becoming more and more focused on delicate electronics. Our phones are more powerful and versatile than the computers of thirty years ago, our televisions have lost their cathode ray tubes and most industrial factories rely as much on sensitive electronics as heavy machinery. Still, some things remain pure.

Metal: an everlasting material

Metal is still an amazingly useful and versatile substance, and while the tools of metal working have improved significantly in the past thirty years, it still serves the same purposes in homes, offices, and factories. A lot of the magic takes place in our workspace, which despite the name deals in all kinds of metals and alloys in addition to iron.

Highly customizable substance

Metal fabrication is perhaps the first and leading service of an iron shop. Taking raw metal and combining alloying, cutting and welding to create any number of metal objects is what we do the most. Some of these products are big jobs. Metal gates for anything from fences to driveway gates are growing more popular with homeowners with a good bit of money to afford custom work. Other people in uncertain neighborhoods employ security grilles on their windows, metal bars that keep intruders out; a good metal work can make these grilles a work of art rather than reminding the residents of being inside a cage.

Metal for your safety

Our workshop can also fabricate razor wire, and while very few homeowners actually need a security measure so extreme and unsettling as razor wire, many businesses find it useful for warding off intruders and thieves, and we can usually create as much of the stuff as you’re willing to pay for.

Metal for your pets

Furthermore, we also produce kennels for any number of animals. A kennel for dogs or goats will be pretty easy to whip out for most iron workshops, though dark cages for dangerous exotic pets such as big cats or chimpanzees will be a lot harder for any shop to make, with an attendant price increase. On the safer side of things, we can also fabricate a metal carport to protect a car from rough weather or a metal shed favorable for storing anything a home or business owner pleases. Our team can also make repairs, ranging from removing rust to mending massive holes in the barrier, on large metal products.

To recap, our services also include the production of less intimidating metal products. Clotheslines are available from most iron workshops, a must for any home without a dryer. Barbecue cookers are also a popular item in some areas, be they for personal use or a barbecue business. We also make metal furnitures, such as garden furniture, vase holders, dining tables, bed frames, lamps, curtain rods and bar stools. An artistic bent even make and sell metal artwork available to customers upon request.